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Presentations :-

  1. Working through Garbage Collectors [GC Basics, CMS in detail, G1 in detail ]
  2. Java Memory Model [ JMM, Java Memory Model ]
  3. Debugging Streams and Good Practices [Streams, Debugging]
  4. Inside of Java Streams and its lazy evaluation. [Streams, Internals, Lazy Evaluation]
  5. Live Java Heap, Compact String and many more. [Java Heap, Compact String ]
  6. Java Safe Points [ Safe Points]
  7. JVM Features of Java9 [Code Cache Segmentation, Compact String, G1, Unified Logging]
  8. Towards a better parallelism [Parallel Streams]
  9. Working with Java Classloaders [Java Classloader]
  10. Understanding Java Virtual Machine [Java Classloader, JVM, GC, JIT, C1, C2]
  11. Welcome to Java9 [Brief – Jigsaw, Compact String, Compiler Control, Multi-release JAR, HTTP/2]
  12. Pattern Matching [Future JDK, Switch Statement, Patterns]
  13. Working through Modularity [Modularity, Project JIGSAW, Classloader]
  14. Troubleshooting Memory Problems in Java Applications, Sample OOM [OOM, JVM, Troubleshooting, Debugging]
  15. Runtime Code Generation [Java Runtime, JVM]
  16. Java is Container Ready [Java Runtime, JVM, Docker, AppCDS, AOT, Jigsaw]
  17. JMC And JFR [Incident Analysis, Java Flight Recorder, Java Mission Control, Debug, Analysis]
  18. JMCJFRDemo [ By Marcus ]
  19. To support 17 and 18, this is Marcus blog for full detail :
  20. JMS API drone delivery system – GitHub
  21. Keycloak – angular_frontend AND spring_backend
  22. Runtime and Static Compilers – JIT, AOT and Graal
  23. Shaping the future with Java, Faster – Shaping the future with Java, Faster [Java Future]
  24. Loop Strip Mining Optimization [C2, Loop Optimization, OpenJDK]
  25. Efficient Async Coding in Kotlin Coroutines [Kotlin, JVM]
  26. Using Refactoring Tools in Practice [Refactoring Tools, Java]