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Deadly talks by Scott Wierschem

Saturday, March 17, 2018

OJ001, Oracle, Valence building, prestige tech park.



About the speaker :-

Scott Wierschem, has been developing software since 1982. As the founder of the Keep Calm and Refactor project he helps Java developers get their unruly code under control so they work on fun and rewarding projects.

Talk 1: Seven Habits of Ineffective Software Developers
Great software developers as a rule, are lazy. That’s why they develop software to make things easier to do. But sometimes that laziness can cause us to develop bad habits, too. In this talk Scott will discuss seven bad habits that can undermine your career, and their corresponding virtues to develop instead.



Talk 2: Simplify your testing with Approval Tests
The Approval Tests library, developed by Llewellyn Falco, is designed to make tests easier to write. Adding tests to old code can be very difficult. Approval Tests make this easier as well as writing BDD and TDD. This is a handy tool to add to your box.


Talk 3 : Code Reading: The most important skill we never practice
We spend much more time reading code than we do writing it. We practice development skills through katas, puzzles, coding competitions, and more. But how do we develop our code reading skills? This presentation will give some tips, tricks, and tools to make you better at reading code.

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