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Unrevealing JDK11 – Coverage 1 – Epsilon GC

What and Why – Epsilon GC Epsilon GC has been added as an experimental feature in JDK11. Epsilon GC is an no-op GC which means it don’t do the work of memory reclamation. Once the available Java heap is exhausted, the JVM will shut down. Wonder Why this is required ? This is very much required for […]


Working with Garbage Collectors

A small talk in Hyderabad JUG on Garbage Collectors. Challenges, Solutions and many more. Presentation can be seen here : Working Through Garbage Collectors  


Presentation on Java SafePoints by Fairoz Matte

Please find the  presentation on Java_SafePoints_JUG Presentation covers :- Topic: Java Safepoints A safepoint is a state of your application execution where all references to objects are perfectly reachable by the VM. Some operations of the VM require that all threads reach a safepoint to be performed. The most common operation that need it is the GC. A […]


Bangalore JUG – Welcoming 2017

No. of attendees around : 65-70 Years first Bangalore Java User Group meet-up was held in Mercury, Oracle, PTP Building. We have again witnessed a combination of Oracle Internal And External Speakers. The three agendas were :- 1. A journey from CMS to G1 Garbage Collector (Presentation here) 2. Awareness of Design Smells 3. JSON […]