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Oct JUG at Infosys Campus

A small update on Oct JUG. Venue: Infosys Campus Attendees: Around 85 (Physically) + 12 (Virtually) Details : It covered 4 talks with JDK11 celebration. 1. JMS API – Different Messaging Concepts. JMS API Drone Delivery System. Comparing different messaging brokers like Rabbit MQ and Redis Comparison of JMS and Kafka 2. Securing Microservices using Keycloak […]


Restricting runtime compiler on a method – CompileOnly option

If you know the details of runtime (JIT) compiler and you want to restrict some method to go for runtime compiler, we have a JVM arg called (-XX:CompileOnly) Definition as per the documentation :- -XX:CompileOnly=methods Sets the list of methods (separated by commas) to which compilation should be restricted. Only the specified methods will be compiled. […]