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Reactive Programming – A talk by Dr. Venkat

The details are available here : https://www.meetup.com/BangaloreOpenJUG/events/238713194/  [...]

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Welcome to G1

CMS_To_G1 A presentation on CMS and G1.[...]

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Presentation on Java SafePoints by Fairoz Matte

Please find the  presentation on Java_SafePoints_JUG Presentation covers :- Topic: Java Safepoints A safepoint is a state of your application execution where all references to objects are perfectly[...]

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Functional programming enthusiast, Haskell newbie, codes on JVM with scala and Java on Distributed systems, Machine learning.

Ranganath S

BoJUG Orgainzer

Working in Oracle (previously Sun) in Java Platforms Group. Area of Interest: Garbage Collector, Runtime Optimization, Concurrency.

Vaibhav Choudhary

BoJUG Organizer

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